Lightweight yet strong, Titanium is a metal of silver-gray colour. Although low in density, titanium is resistant to corrosion and has high strength and durability.Due to these qualities, it is widely used by sculptors, scientists, designers and architects in creating and modeling machine parts, sculptures, jewellery, sports equipment, and more. AARNE is the creator of premium bespoke titanium sculptures, perfect in beauty and robust in structure. Our luxurious sculptures, art & interiors speak of the best in quality and class.

Qualities of Titanium

Titanium has high resistance to corrosion and excellent strength to mass ratio, making it a favoured metal in sculpture making.The surface of titanium creates a layer of oxide that protects the metal from corrosion. This natural tendency of titanium keeps it new for years. Due to its highly favourable properties, titanium is expensive and comes at a high cost.

Titanium sculptures partake the qualities of titanium, giving them a strong core. The brilliant silver of titanium gives a suave look to the sculpture or art piece irrespective of its design or size. Whether you are looking to own a traditional sculpture or a modern piece of art, titanium is a materialworth considering.

Titanium and Colours

In its original form, titanium has a silver gray colour. Yet, it can be given other colours such as blue, purple, pink, gold etc. through processing. It is difficult to get the right colour onto titanium and requires an experienced hand for colouringit. The various colours that can be achieved in titanium gives you the freedom to give a distinctive look to your bespoke titanium sculpture. A combination of colours can also be appropriate forcertain sculptures.For others, the steel gray colour of the metal is impressive enough.

Our Bespoke Titanium Sculptures

AARNE offers bespoke sculptures and art pieces to patrons of high art. Each piece we create speaks of the quality of the material and craftsmanship. Our titanium sculptures are made to last for generations, so that you enjoy their beauty everyday for years to come.

We use sophisticated technology and human talent to fashionbrilliant sculptures of quality, tailored to your needs.Our sculptors have years of experience in sculpting with various metals and materials, including marble, granite, gold, bronze and titanium. Their talent combined with high technology helps us to create luxurious sculptures of pure beauty. Each sculpture we create is hand-crafted, giving it a unique beauty that makes it one-of-its-kind.

Low Maintenance

High in durability and low in maintenance, titanium is a wise choice for a sculpture that will stay with you for years. Even though titanium is corrosion-resistant, it gathers dust and dirt over time. To clean your sculpture, all you need to do is to use a damp cloth and wipe off the dust and dirt from the surface. Using a mild soap does not harm titanium, but avoid the use of strong chemicals especially in coloured titanium sculptures.

Why Choose Titanium

A sculpture can be made from a variety of materials, including marble, granite, bronze, gold and so on. As each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, you may choose the material of your choice for your bespoke sculpture.

As for titanium, it will give you the strength of steel while being light in weight. Its corrosion-resistant quality is especially beneficial for keeping your sculpture new even after years. Titanium is the metal of the future and the perfect material for a luxurious bespoke sculpture.

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