Abstract Sculptures

Abstract art surprises us by its novel look on objects and life. It is a modern art that uses independent elements such as the basic shape of an object to form the impression of the whole. It doesn’t ape real life objects, but highlights some of its features. Abstract sculptures present before us life that we often overlook. They are modern pieces of art that lend a new look to art itself. AARNE creates high-end bespoke abstract sculptures in marble, granite, metal and other materials, giving a physical shape to your dreams.

Types of Abstract Sculptures

An abstract sculpture is usually without too many intricacies. It has a simple design that is exceptional in how it represents reality. An abstract sculpture can be of people, animals, or random forms. Below are a few types of abstract sculptures that you may consider when getting your own created.

• Abstract Figures of people
• Expressive Art
• Animals
• Flowers & Nature
• Geometric Shapes & Patterns
In abstract art, the sky is the limit. However, to give a physical shape to an abstract design requires skill and a specific methodology. AARNE creates a digital design of your abstract sculpture to give it the exact shape you want. We invite you to review the design so that we can make it perfect for you. You may choose the most complex of designs and we will turn it into a beautiful physical piece of art that you can adore for years and years.


The material you choose for your sculpture impacts its look and feel. The same work done on marble, granite and bronze will give a different look to each sculpture. That makes choosing the material an important step. Depending upon the shape, size and features of your abstract sculpture, we can advise you on which material(s) are suitable for getting the best look. Some of the materials that you may consider for your sculpture include:
• Glass

Whichever material you choose will be of highest quality, sourced from abroad if needed. To provide you with premium sculptures, we source our marble from Carrara in Italy. This white and blue-gray marble made in Italy is famous world over for its supreme quality, and has been used since ancient roman times.

As the quality of the material impacts the quality of the art, we only use premium quality materials. Expensive, hand-crafted and luxurious, our bespoke abstract sculptures are pieces of art that are prized for generations.

Perfect Cut & Artistry

Hard materials such as marble and granite are difficult to cut into perfect shapes. To provide the perfect cut and shape to a piece of marble, granite or metal, we use a 5-axis CNC machine. Our 5-axis reaches the most difficult of places to cut and mould the material into the precise shape we design digitally. A 5-axis also leaves a fine polish on the surface of the marble, adding to the quality of the finished sculpture.

Our skilled sculptors work on each piece of sculpture after it has taken a basic shape, and provide it with the customised art you want done on your sculpture. Every intricacy is added on the sculpture to make it one of its kind, a unique, irreplaceable sculpture owned only by you.

Whether it is a simple abstract sculpture or an elaborate pattern, you will receive it just as you had imagined, perhaps more beautiful because it has now taken a real physical shape. AARNE, a leading name in premium bespoke abstract sculptures, invites you to give shape to your dreams.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.