Bas-Relief Sculptures

Bas-relief sculptures are a type of sculpture in which the figures and designs protrude only a little from the background surface. A typical example of a bas-relief sculpture is Egyptian art. Figures, symbols and designs are sculpted on a stone surface. Even though in ancient times stone was used to create bas-relief sculptures, today they can be carved on a variety of materials. These including granite, titanium, gold, and marble. AARNE provides you with bespoke bas-relief sculptures, hand-crafted by talented sculptures.

Origin of the name

Bas means ‘low’ in French. Relief sculptures is an art form where the art projects from the background. Usually, carving is done on the surface to bring out the figures and designs.

Types of bas-relief sculptures

There are three types of bas-relief sculptures – low-relief or bas-relief/basso-relievo sculpture, high-relief sculpture, and statiacciato relief sculpture. These classifications are based on how much the art is protruding from its background. With bas-relief sculpture, the art barely stands out from its background. In high-relief, the art protrudes much, giving it an almost three-dimensional look. With statiacciato relief, fine lines and low-relief work is used to carve out the figures.

Our bas-relief sculptures

Being an ancient method of decorating, informing, celebrating, and recording historical facts, a bas-relief sculpture gives an ancient feel to the art. AARNE’s bas-relief sculptures are carved meticulously, bringing out perfect forms from the background surface. The materials we work on for creating bas-relief sculptures are marble and metal. Here at AARNE we provide bespoke sculptures. Depending upon the type of look you want in your sculpture, we source the finest material and begin the designing work almost immediately.

How shape matters

A bas-relief sculpture is a unique piece of art due to the style in which it is created. It can cover a wall or can be restricted to a small pot. In modern terms, you may think of it as embossed art. The surface is of importance in this type of art. A marble cube as the surface is more suitable for certain kind of designs. In contrast a large piece of granite will be more appropriate for carving entire figures and scenes. That is why material must be carefully chosen to suit the art to be carved on it.

Choosing the material

The quality of the material impacts the quality of the art. Even brilliant artwork done on poor quality material fails to impress. AARNE ensures that whichever material you choose for your bas-relief sculpture will be of the finest quality. The marble we use is sourced from Carrara, a city in Italy popular for its high quality marble.

We have developed a process of creating sculptures and art pieces that end with a unique piece of art. We offer the best, making no compromises on quality or hard work from the start to the finish. Whether you know exactly how you want your bas-relief sculpture to look like, or have a vague idea of what you want, we can help. AARNE can work with you at every step with the ultimate goal of creating your bespoke sculpture with the beauty and elegance of a fine piece of art.

A bas-relief sculpture has been used to depict famous scenes and to tell a story. It is a good way to get the history of your company or family engraved in art form for generations to see. Conversely, even a small decorative piece of bas-relief can lend beauty to your home or office, the unique beauty of human talent that a piece of well-crafted art holds.

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