Corporate and Public Art Sculptures

A well-crafted piece of art creates an impression that remains in people’s memories. It reminds them of the beauty and grandness of the art, the artist and the owner of the art. Corporate and Public Art Sculptures is not only about the art itself, but also about the company that owns it. It humanises the company, letting the public perceive it not as a cold brand, but an institution of real people. AARNE’s bespoke corporate & public art sculptures are premium quality, bespoke and hand-crafted. Our pieces create a remarkable impression on the viewers every time. These luxurious sculptures provide a creative exterior to your business presence. Giving your company the edge so that is remembered for its uniqueness and style.

Types of Corporate & Public Art Sculptures

A corporate or public art sculpture is usually a symbol that tells us about the history of the company. A statue can represent a companies beliefs, achievements and its impact on society. It communicates with the public, informing and interacting with them. Depending upon the kind of impact you want to create, you may choose the particular type of corporate or public art sculptures. Here are some of the categories you may consider:

• Figures or objects that relate to your brand image or company beliefs
• Historical figures that are connected to your company
• Modern art
• Unique designs that attract public attention
• Use of colours to create a unique artistic effect
• Designs that create surprise as a way to make the art unforgettable

AARNE is trusted by top brands to provide them with premium sculptures. Here at AARNE we manufacturer beautiful pieces of art whilst encapsulated a company’s beliefs and brand reputation. We can create your sculpture perfect in its style, finish, make and design. Our focus is on quality and precision. This helps us to create high-end, premium sculptures. Each one of our statues are high in quality and luxurious in their appearance.

Why Get a Corporate or Public Art Sculpture?

Interaction with the public determines how a company is perceived by the public. A piece of art as an interactive medium helps a company to display its beliefs, policies and outlook towards life. It is an attractive method to impress an idea in the minds of the people. A sculpture can be used for reminding people about the glorious history of a company without being obvious about it. It is an artistic way to inform.

Another advantage of having a corporate sculpture is that it also acts as decoration. It adds beauty to the surroundings, making a dull space look exciting. AARNE creates bespoke sculptures that have the finesse of a great piece of art. Our process of creating corporate sculptures rests upon quality and customisation, which results in luxurious, hand-crafted bespoke sculptures, remarkable in their beauty and quality.

Bespoke Corporate and Public Art Sculptures

We work on making your idea a reality. Technology and human skill are combined to create sculptures of marble, granite or metal. All our sculptures and art pieces are hand-crafted, which makes them unique pieces of art. These expensive, luxurious sculptures are made to perfection, so that they are never forgotten.

We work with high quality material, which help us to provide you with premium, high-end sculptures. The marble we use is sourced from Carrara in Italy, famous for the quality of its marble. The high quality of the material means the sculpture retains its beauty and splendour even after decades.

Especially in public spaces and outdoor corporate areas where the sculpture is exposed to natural elements at all times, the quality of the material becomes our chief concern. One of our priorities then is to create a piece that can retain its original beauty in harsh environments. AARNE is trusted by top brands to provide them with high-end bespoke corporate & public art sculptures that will stay with them for generations. For premium bespoke corporate and pubic art sculptures, choose AARNE.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.