Modern Contemporary Sculptures

Developed during the nineteenth century, modern sculpture involved taking a radically new approach to art. Instead of imitating life as we see it, the art of the modern times began to use disparate shapes and forms to create a unified holistic impression. Modern Contemporary Sculptures lends a new look, a fresh perspective to life through art. Often open to interpretations, this art form gives a modern, contemporary look to your space.

AARNE’s bespoke modern sculptures come in many forms and shapes, sometimes complex and sometimes surprisingly simple. We work with marble, granite, bronze, gold, titanium etc. This is because these materials are perfect for contemporary use. This gives us the opportunity to create a variety of different forms of sculptures, and art & interiors.

Features of Modern Contemporary Sculptures

There is a vast variety in the appearance of Modern Contemporary Sculptures. It can be abstract, minimalistic, exaggerated and much more. We can turn your imagination of a sculpture into real life. This form of art challenges the rigidity of structure and shape, and introduces liquidity in how life is seen through art.

Process of creating bespoke contemporary sculptures

If you want to lend a modern look to your home or office, owning a modern sculpture can be a good medium. We offer bespoke modern sculptures that are shaped to your specifications. We create a digital design of your sculpture to give it the exact shape, size and structure you want. The precision follows with our 5-axis CNC machine that cuts the material into the customised shape perfectly. This creates a piece with impeccable finish. With the basic structure done, our talented sculptors work on the sculpture with their tools. This then turns a piece of marble or metal into a piece of art.

Types of modern sculptures

Modern sculptures can be small or large. They can use a human form or a shape. There is always a great variety in which modern sculptures are found. In a modern sculpture, you do not see art imitating life just like it is. It gives a new look to objects, be it by uniting shapes and/or distorting them. They break away from the old styles of art in one way or another.

There are landscape sculptures that use width rather than height. Minimalistic sculptures are characteristically simple sculptures that use minimum styling. This makes them seem remarkably simple. There are abstract sculptures that connect radically different objects to create a unified artwork.

Our work on your sculpture

AARNE provides a reliable backing to your designs and dreams. Even if you have an extremely complex design, you can be confident that we will turn it into a sculpture you had imagined. We work on your sculpture using your requirements. We then get the final design approved by you and bring your sculpture to life. This is achieved by using sophisticated technology and unmatched human skill. What you receive in the end is a premium piece of modern sculpture.

Bespoke sculptures, especially abstract or those with complex designs are hard to perfect. This is because of the difficulty in cutting the material. Marble and granite are hard to cut into shapes, making it difficult to achieve perfect curves and shapes. To overcome this roadblock, we use a 5-axis CNC machine that cuts the hardest of materials into smooth, polished shapes. Our sculptors then work on your sculpture, turning it into a luxurious piece of art. For hand-crafted, premium bespoke sculptures that speak of quality and priceless art, trust AARNE.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.