Our 5-Axis CNC Machine

A computer numerical control (CNC) machine is a precision machine used to cut materials into different shapes. Our 5-axis CNC machine can move on five different axis simultaneously, creating detailed designing of very complex parts.

5 Axis CNC Machine Sculpture

Our CNC machine supports computer aided design (CAD) software. A design created with CAD software is uploaded on a CNC machine, to give it the precise physical shape. A 5-axis can mould very complex forms, and is often used in designing aerospace tools. We use a 5-axis CNC machine (DONATONI QUADRIX DG 1600) for creating splendid bespoke sculptures, with a fine surface finish and polish. We give the precise shape to the material, turning a piece of marble or granite into a form that will become a sculpture in the hands of our sculptors.

Impact of 5-axis CNC on quality

A 5-axis milling machine helps us to reduce setup time, increase accuracy, and improve the finish of the surface. As it moves simultaneously on five different axis, it works on the material from five different planes, reaching the most difficult places. With a 5-axis CNC, you can use a variety of tools to create a perfect shape. It helps us to carve out the most complex figures, while maintaining the finest quality.

Some of the cutting edge technology that a 5-axis machine uses includes:
• Easy setup
• Tilting of the cutting tool for better access
• Flexibility in cutting position
• Continuous adjustment to cut perfectly

This allows us to create a highly specific and polished sculpture, ready for the final work by our sculptors. A 5-axis CNC has helped us to provide premium bespoke sculptures in metal, marble and granite. The efficiency and speed of this machine gives us quick results, which reduce the total time taken in creating a sculpture.

How does it benefit you?

We use 5-axis because we offer our clients high-quality, luxurious bespoke sculptures that they can cherish for generations to come. Our process of creating sculptures is focused on quality and precision. Our 5-axis is a part of our efforts to provide you with the highest quality.

With a sculpture cut in a 5-axis, you get:
• A complex design cut perfectly
• Smooth surface all over the sculpture
• Perfect polish
• Reduced time in delivering the finished sculpture

As it works with all materials, be it marble, granite, gold, titanium or bronze, it cut it with the same ease. This results in high-quality, bespoke sculptures designed to your preference.

Art & interiors

CNC Milling SculptureAARNE also offers premium bespoke art and interiors, that lend the splendour of richness to your home or office. Known for creating high-quality expensive, premium sculptures, AARNE prides in the quality and finesse of its sculptures. We supply corporate sculptures and art pieces to leading brands, and premium, hand-crafted bespoke sculptures to individuals.

Before we begin milling the material in 5-axis CNC, we create a complete, detailed digital design of the sculpture. In every project we allow you to review the design to see if it matches your specifications. We make any changes you require in your sculpture to make it perfect for you.

Focused on precision and class, AARNE is the first choice of those looking for premium, luxurious bespoke sculptures. We only use the best sculptors, tools, software and machinery. When you order a sculpture or an art piece, you can be confident of receiving exactly what you want.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.