Digital Sculpting

AARNE offers Digital Sculpting to all customers for mockups, or even final designs. Digitalisation of sculpting has revolutionalised how we create sculptures. The use of computer software (ZBrush, Mudbox, Cinema 4D) and sophisticated CNC machines allow us to develop near perfect sculptures. Any errors can be removed before the sculpture even take the physical shape. As creators of bespoke sculptures, we have adopted technology to provide you with highly customised, premium digital sculptures. Technology helps us to remove any irregularities, and shape the material to get a perfect form.

We do not depend upon technology alone, because we know the worth of human skill. After we have digitally designed and created the physical model of the sculpture, our artists work on it by hand. This gives it the vital human touch that makes it unique. Even though machines allow us to enhance the design of a sculpture, it is the artist’s work that turns it into a piece of art.

Advantages of digital sculpting

We are in a period of transition where both traditional and digital sculpting is considered equally precious. Personal preferences differ, but both methods of creating sculptures are widely used today. We, without prejudices, use both digital and traditional sculpting because each method gives us unique advantages. Here are some of the benefits digital sculpting gives us in creating premium bespoke sculptures:

Effortless Correction – A design when being created needs to be corrected many times to get it exactly right. On a digital platform, it is easy to make those corrections. The computer-aided design (CAD) software we use helps us to make changes in a design to develop a final design that’s flawless.

Flexibility – Digital sculpting is not rigid because there is no solid matter that we are deal with. The position, direction and shape of a part can be changed individually at any time without affecting the whole structure. That makes it simple for designers to test different structures, shapes and poses before choosing the most appropriate one.

Customisation – As a provider of bespoke sculptures, customisation is a priority for us. Digital sculpting allows us to customise minutely, creating the exact replica of the sculpture that moments ago was solely in your imagination.

Tools – Instead of using tools for sculpting, brushes are used in digital sculpting. That removes the need to procure and use physical tools. Brushes of various types form and shape the sculpture just like in traditional sculpting.

Are digital sculptures right for you?

When you want a sculpture made, a digital sculpture can be the right choice if you want a smaller sculpture. That is because the current 3D printers are only that large. Some of the other criteria that may help you to decide which method to choose include:

• Digital sculptures are solely developed by machines without any human touch
• They take less time to be created
• Digital sculptures are usually small
• The cost of 3D printing is very high

When choosing between a digital sculpture and a traditional sculpture, first consider the size of your sculpture. If you want a smaller sculpture, digital sculpting might be a good choice. Also, digital sculpting is totally machine-made, so it is perfect for designs that are more bizarre and less human-like. On the other hand, if you want a sculpture that will remain in your family for generations, traditional sculpting can be a better choice.

Whether you want a digitally designed sculpture or a traditionally hand-crafted one, AARNE offers equal excellence. Our bespoke sculptures speak of magnificence and finesse in the material, finish and artwork. For quality that reveals the richness and flawlessness of a well-crafted piece of art, choose AARNE’s bespoke sculptures.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.