Sculpture Restoration

Even high quality sculptures cannot always escape weathering due to wind, dust, dirt, water and pollution. If your cherished bespoke sculpture is no longer what it originally looked like, it might be time for restoration. AARNE Sculpture Restoration returns your precious luxurious sculpture into its former glory. Whether your sculpture is discolored, damaged, dirty or scratched, we can restore it to perfection so that you can enjoy its flawless beauty for many more years to come.

Our Marble Sculpture Restoration

Marble is one of the toughest stones yet it is not immune to damaging environmental influences. Accidents can also cause it to break, chip or develop cracks. Whatever the cause of damage, you can trust AARNE to restore itimmaculately.

When a piece of damaged marble sculpture comes to us, we first clean it thoroughly to remove any impurities. If there is discoloration, we correct it first so as to establish consistency in the colour of the restored parts and the sculpture.To remove discoloration, a special solvent is used that does not damage the natural colour of the sculpture.

In case of broken parts, we use a special mix of adhesive and other substances to glue the parts together. Marble dust is used to fill up any gaps and crevices so that the joint becomes completely invisible, giving your premium bespoke sculpture its former glorious look.

While we can restore your marble sculpture of any insufficiencies, regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping it intact and beautiful.Periodical cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient to remove dirt and dust. However, for serious damages such as discoloration or stains, it is best to seek professional help.

Metal Sculpture Restoration–Cleaning and Polishing Bronze

Bronzeand metal cleaning and polishing can restore your sculptureto its original beauty.Bronze is a metal alloy and it loses itscolour over years due to environmental influences. Exposure to humidity, salt in the air, too much exposure to sunlight and water are damaging influences that alter the color of bronze.

Since discoloring happens over a long period of time, restoration and cleaning of a bronze sculpture lasts for years. Polishing creates a layer of protection that keeps your sculpture safe from discoloring for years. AARNE provides complete bronze and metal sculpture restorationwith cleaning, patinationand polishing that removes discoloration and impurities, and brings your bronze sculpture back to its original brilliance.

The natural colour of bronze is gold. Patina is its altered colourcaused by a chemical reaction. The Statue of Liberty is now green due to patina. When it was installed, it had a dull brown color. The change of colour can happen due to natural environmental influences or intentional human actions to bring aboutcolour change. If your bronze sculpture underwent bronze patination, you can either choose to retain its altered color or get back its original. Werestoreyour bronze sculpture through cleaning and polishing so that it is free from pollutants, and remains protected from damage for years.You can restore your metal sculpture to regain its earlier beauty anytimejust by giving usa call.

When Do I Need Restoration?

If your precious marble or metal sculpture is damaged and it is highly valuable to you for its cost or aesthetic beauty, it is advisable to get it restored by a professional. We have been creating and restoring premium bespoke sculptures, art & interiors for years, offering you the luxury of owning anexpensive hand-craftedpiece of high art, immaculate in its beauty and perfection. If you wish to get a valuable sculpture or an art piece restored by experts, AARNE is here for you.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.