Welcome To AARNE

We design, create and produce premium quality bespoke sculptures that lend a luxurious appearance to their surroundings. Built using the finest quality materials, including marble, granite, gold, bronze, titanium, etc., our exquisite sculptures are available for all types of projects. Majestic and luxurious, they are designed according to the precise specification of clients, offering the exact look and feel you want. We offer both traditional and digital sculpting methods. Our sculptors can help create a bespoke piece of art from ideation to completion. If you need to commission a sculpture, choose AARNE.

Types of Sculptures

Each sculpture must follow the correct theme and match the look of its surroundings. To allow our clients to get the right sculpture for creating a particular ambiance, we offer all kinds of bespoke sculptures including:

We supply sculptures to leading brands and individuals, transforming their corporate or home spaces with custom-made art. AARNE have worked with all types of companies for their sculpture comissions. From big to small projects we can create a custom-made sculpture. If you have any questions or queries, or any ideas about sculpture ideas. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we will get back to you ASAP. If you don’t see the sculpture style you are looking for above, don’t worry, AARNE will most likely be able to supply you with a solution to your idea.


The material used for making a sculpture lends it a specific quality. A sculpture made from marble, for instance, looks more traditional than a sculpture made from metal. AARNE offers bespoke sculptures built to your needs and requirements. We allow our clients to choose the material they want for their sculpture. Depending upon the particular look you want, you may choose from these materials:

All our materials are of highest quality. The marble we use is made in Italy, sourced from Carrara, a city popular for its premium quality marble. Marble from Carrara has been prized since ancient times in Rome for its quality. If you are unsure about which material to use for your sculpture or art piece. We can provide you with help in choosing the right material for the specific look you want.

We have produced Sculptures for the following Brands:

Fender Logo
Versace Logo
Rolls Royce Logo
Grey Goose Logo
Qatar Airways Logo

Bespoke Sculptures of the Highest Quality

From the initial design and mock up, to the final detailing of your sculpture. Here at AARNE we let you choose exactly how you want your sculpture to look. Whether you want only a bust or an entire landmark, our artists can customise your art perfectly. You can add as many features as you like to your sculpture and we will try our best to match your expectations.

Our sculptors our highly trained and have years of experience in their field. We have helped produce timeless pieces for huge brands and companies throughout the world. Our sculptures and art have won many awards and our artists have been commissioned to produce big selling pieces for blue chip companies.

AARNE considers the impact of the materials, structure and placement of the sculptures when creating them. Depending upon how you want your sculpture to look, we can suggest you choices of placement, materials and designs. We match your chosen background (garden, plush hall, corporate setting) to your sculpture so that it stands out while maintaining harmony with its surroundings.


We understand that each client would like a sculpture that they are proud to own. To deliver exactly that, we use highest quality materials, discuss clients’ needs, and meticulously build our sculptures with utmost care and attention. This ensures a beautifully crafted final piece that will stand the test of time.

We build the most complex sculptures and simple creations with enthusiasm and finesse each and every time. We craft your imagination and ideas into real pieces of art. Choose AARNE for sculptures that are grand and valuable in every way.