The Process

Years of creating bespoke sculptures gave us an insight into how to achieve precise customisation without wasting resources. It has helped us to get quicker results while maintaining premium quality. As each sculpture we create is hand-crafted and customised, our process uses the best of both: technology and human talent.

1. Working on the dimensions

Our first step is to work out the dimensions of the sculpture. Usually, our clients specify how large a sculpture they need. Depending upon what sculpture we are creating, we determine the height, width, circumference, angles and length of each individual part and the whole.

2. Gathering materials

After creating the basic outline of the sculpture, we gather the materials to be used for building it. We only use the highest quality materials, which are expensive, but provide unique strength and quality to the sculpture. Whether it’s marble, granite, bronze, gold, titanium or any other metal, whichever one you choose is procured, sometimes from other countries, as in the case of marble, which we source from Carrara in Italy.

3. Creating a digital model

Now that we have the materials and the basic outline of the statue, we start creating a digital model of the sculpture using a computer-aided design (CAD) software. The use of CAD software helps us to remove any flaws in design and to make those important changes that mark the difference between a premium sculpture and a cheap one. The software enables us to review the sculpture in 3D even before it has taken a physical shape so that we can improve upon the final results.

4. Milling the sculpture

CNC Milling SculptureAfter you approve of the digital design of your sculpture, we move on to milling the material with our 5-axis CNC machine. A 5-axis CNC machine is a premium cutting tool that can move in 5 different directions simultaneously, working on the most difficult parts of the sculpture with ease. A 5-axis helps us to get precision in cutting and provides excellent surface finish, the two vital elements in creating a superior quality sculpture.

5. Hand-crafted

After the broad structure of the sculpture is ready, our talented sculptors work on it by hand, giving it intricacies and features that only an experienced artist can lend to a piece of art. Each one of our sculptures is hand-crafted, meticulously worked on to lend it a unique beauty. Our artists are masters in working on any surface, be it metal, marble or gold, producing remarkable results. It is through the combination of sophisticated technology and the crucial human touch that our sculptures obtain the finesse and the class of the best.

6. Safe shipping

Once we are satisfied with the completed sculpture, we make arrangements for its safe shipping. We use highly protective packaging to ensure that your sculpture reaches you in all its excellence and splendor. No matter in which part of the world you are, you can receive your premium, hand-crafted sculpture that reflects the luxury of the elite.

Our process of creating sculptures has been developed to provide you with the sculpture of the precise specifications you want. Known for premium, hand-crafted sculptures, AARNE offers luxurious, expensive sculptures designed to your taste. Be it your home, office or outdoor spaces, a quality sculpture will bring it a unique characteristic. A sculpture lasts for generations, and it is our effort to provide you with quality that speaks of richness, taste and beauty. To enhance the magnificence of your ambiance, get a bespoke sculpture today.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.