Our Materials – Bronze

Bespoke Bronze SculptureA highly valued material in ancient times, today bronze is widely used in sculptures and art. Our bronze sculptures are sourced using the finest bronze from reputable manufacturers. A statue made of bronze was considered the highest form of sculpture in ancient Greek. It was a valuable material in ancient civilizations, and was often used in currency as well. Bronze is still widely used in sculpture and art due to its aesthetic beauty, durability and resistance to corrosion. We are a trusted name in premium bespoke sculptures. We create art & interiors, hand-crafted bespoke sculptures and art that lend a luxurious look to your residential or commercial space.

Features of Bronze

Bronze is a copper alloy with smaller amounts of other materials. It has a dull golden colour, which can be given the polished look of gold. There are darker shades of bronze that are closer to deep brown and black. Depending upon the particular look you want in your sculpture, you may choose a brighter/darker or a dull/polished look.

Process of Making Bronze Sculptures

Creating a bespoke bronze sculpture involves crafting a unique cast for the sculpture. This makes it a unique, and a one of its kind piece. We build your bronze sculpture from scratch, creating a mould according to your specifications about your sculpture. Each mould is created after you approve of the design of the sculpture made by us.

As bronze can be melted into a liquid state, working with it is entirely different than working with marble or granite. It requires many steps and careful handling of materials. Our talented sculptors and craftsmen perform this with ease, owing to their experience in creating premium bespoke bronze sculptures.

Whether you are considering a traditional sculpture of an angel or a piece of modern art. Here at AARNE we create bespoke bronze sculptures that can give you the antique rugged appearance or a polished modern look.

Intricate Designs

Modern Contemporary Bronze SculpturesAs bronze is molten and applied to the clay or wax model, it can have intricate patterns and details that are difficult to achieve with other materials. If you are looking to get a sculpture made that has detailed patterns or features, you may consider getting it made in bronze.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Premium quality bronze sculptures do not require much maintenance and last for decades without losing their original charm. We ensure that your sculpture remains uncorrupted by natural elements, especially if placed outdoors. However, it is simple to clean a bronze sculpture.

All the maintenance it requires is a thorough cleaning with soap and water. A simple soap that has the least amount of chemicals and lukewarm water is sufficient to clean your sculpture thoroughly. It is preferable to avoid using harsh cleaning liquids that might lead to unpleasant consequences. After the sculpture is clean, you may put a coat of wax on it to protect it from the elements. The wax stays on for months, giving a fine look to your sculpture while sheltering it from weathering.

A bronze sculpture is durable and lasts for decades. The Victorious Youth, a bronze sculpture from ancient Greece dates back to 310 B.C. Ancient bronze sculptures from China, India, Italy and Greece have been found now, intact in their beauty and high art. That speaks of the durability of bronze.

Our Bespoke Bronze Sculptures

AARNE takes pride in creating premium bespoke bronze sculptures, luxurious in quality and craftsmanship. Our bespoke bronze sculptures are hand-crafted to create a unique piece of exquisite art created just for you. The most difficult of designs have been achieved to perfection by our talented sculptors who work on every piece with skill and dedication to form a piece of valuable art. If you are looking to get a premium bronze sculpture made, trust AARNE to give you the best.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.