Traditional Sculpting

Traditional sculpting is done with the use of physical tools, where the artist uses his hands and sculpting tools to create a sculpture. AARNE designs bespoke sculptures using traditional method. Our sculptors form and refine the material to create magnificent, hand-crafted sculptures.
Traditional Sculpting
The other method of sculpting is digital sculpting where a sculpture is crafted with the use of computer software and 3D printing machines. We use both digital and traditional sculpting methods, which offers our clients a choice of method for getting their bespoke sculptures created.

Advantages of traditional sculpting

Traditional sculpting relies on human skill and talent for the creation of a sculpture. Usually, no machines are used in its making. Depending upon the skill of the artist, the quality and style of the sculpture differs. A hand-crafted sculpture might have details that are difficult to produce in digital work, especially if it is printed. Some of the other advantages that traditional sculpting provides include:
• Using precious materials such as marble, metal or granite
• Ideal for larger than life detailed sculptures
• It has more warmth due to the presence of human skill
• When done well, it is far more detailed than being milled with a CNC machine

As 3D printers and CNC machines are not yet extremely sophisticated, a digital design even if more refined than a hand-crafted one on a computer, fails to give the final sculpture very minute details. This includes specific impressions and nudges, that only an artist can give when working on a physical material. Conversely, if a design is such that it doesn’t need those individualistic details, then a digital sculpture can be a good choice, without hand finishing.

Individuality of the sculpture

Hand SculptingA hand-crafted sculpture gains a unique individuality to a sculpture, as it begins to take shape in the hands of the sculptor. The style of working and the personality of the artist finds an impression in the art. That makes a hand-crafted sculpture have an individuality of its own, unique to it. As it is often hard for the sculptor himself/herself to duplicate their own work, therefore, a hand-crafted sculpture is a unique piece of art, one of its kind, impossible to duplicate.

Which is better – traditional or digital sculpting?

If you are looking for a sculpture that will stay with you for generations, using traditional sculpting method is preferable. Larger than life sculptures are usually created using traditional sculpting. Depending upon the design, size, material and use of your sculpture, you may choose the suitable method for its creation.

The importance of the material

Sculpting FactoryThe material that makes the base of a sculpture is of prime importance in sculpting. Therefore, AARNE provides their sculptors with premium materials, be it metal, marble or granite. Our marble is made in Italy, coming from Carrara, the city famous for its white and blue-grey marble. The quality of this marble is exquisite, often used in making premium sculptures and decorative items around the world.

Our bespoke sculptures are planned and built to be luxurious, expensive pieces of art, unique and flamboyant in their perfection. When we are using traditional sculpting, we still create a computer model of the sculpture to remove any irregularities that might take away the finesse of the structure. Our sculptors then use their craftsmanship to carve out a brilliant refined figure, premium in its quality and artistry.

Creators of superior bespoke sculptures, AARNE offers the beauty of a perfectly crafted art piece, which in itself is priceless. Find the exquisiteness of perfect art in your bespoke sculpture, get in touch with AARNE today.

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