A statue standing at each end of a majestic gate or at the side of a pond gives a unique look to its surroundings. It lends an artistic feel to the setting and also holds exceptional beauty of its own. AARNE is a leading creator of high-end bespoke sculptures and statues that speak of superior craftsmanship and quality. Whichever kind of statue you want made, you can be confident of receiving a high quality, premium piece of art.

Statues & Their Placement

A statue can be placed almost anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors, at the side of the pool or in the garden; it will spread its beauty wherever you place it. However, you may choose the place for the placement of the statue before deciding the kind of statue you want made so that the statue and its surroundings complement each other. A beautiful hand-crafted bespoke statue designed according to its surroundings enhances the beauty of the entire setting significantly.

Some of the broad categories for statues considering their placement include:

• Garden statues
• Home décor/indoor statues
• Outdoor statues
• Wall statues
Where you want the statue to be placed is important to determine its suitable structure and design. A wall statue, for example, will have to have a certain width and height to look perfect. After determining where you want the statue to be, you may decide upon which statue you want made.

Bespoke Statues

With AARNE, you choose the design and structure you want created while we work to give it the exact physical shape. However complex your design is, we assure you that will have highest quality of craftsmanship and material. As creators of bespoke sculptures and statues, we use a sophisticated process of creating statues where we use technology to provide finesse to a statue and also use human skill to give it the uniqueness that only a trained hand of an artist can give to a piece of art.

Here are a few types of statues that may help you in deciding the kind of statue you want made:
• Angels and Cherubs
• Children
• Animals
• Birds
• Religious
• Figures
• Trees, plants and flowers

The statue you want made is created to perfection in the material of your choice.


AARNE takes pride in offering high-end, premium sculptures and statues, and therefore, never compromises on quality. The material you choose for your statue will be of highest quality, often sourced from outside the country. Our marble is made in Italy, procured from Carrara, a city in Italy famous for its high quality marble.

Some of the materials that you may consider for your statue include:
• Glass

The quality of the material, whether marble or metal, is as important in creating high-quality sculptures and statues as the work of the sculptor. That is why we use highest quality materials in our creations to provide you with exquisite pieces of art that stay with you for decades with their original freshness intact.

Our Process of Creating Bespoke Statues

The process we use for creating your statue involves the use of high technology and fine art. As creators of premium bespoke sculptures and statues, we focus on quality from start to finish. First, we design your statue with all its details digitally to enhance its shape and remove any irregularities prior to working with the material. After you approve the digital design, our 5-axis CNC machine cuts the material into a perfect shape and gives it a fine polish. Even the most difficult of cuts are perfected by a 5-axis, giving your statue a brilliant basic shape. After the basic shape of the statue is ready, our talented sculptors work on it meticulously to turn the shape into a marvelous piece of art.

AARNE’s bespoke sculptures and statues are highly valued, hand-crafted, expensive pieces of art, luxurious in their make and every detail. If you want to get a premium bespoke statue made that will last you for generations, choose AARNE.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.