Traditional Sculptures

Powerful ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks are still remembered for their sophisticated methods and unique cultural identities. Their imposing figures and sophisticated art is widely used as symbols of ancient cultures. A brilliant way to display historicity and culture is by owning an imposing, well-crafted traditional sculptures.

AARNE’s bespoke traditional sculptures are hand-crafted to give them the precise look you want. Every feature of the sculpture or art piece is meticulously designed according to your specifications. This making it a unique piece, owned only by you.

Types of Traditional Sculptures

A traditional sculpture is an influential symbol of power, artistic excellence and cultural identity. A sculpture of an Egyptian pharaoh, for instance, represents the sophistication and mystery of the great Egyptian civilisation. You can create an ambience that is artistically rich and impressive by owning a traditional sculpture. Some of the types of traditional bespoke sculptures you may consider include:
• Christian saints and angels
• Gothic
• Folk art
• Egyptian figures
• Animal symbols
• Medieval
• Ancient designs and patterns
• Political figures
• Religious scenes
• Greek and roman figures
• African art

As creators of bespoke sculptors, we work to build a sculpture according to your taste. With the use of talented artists and sophisticated technology, there is no feature we cannot integrate in your piece. The most complex of designs and intricate artwork is expertly done by our sculptors, giving your traditional sculpture a distinctive artistic identity. You can be certain of receiving a fine piece of art, perfect in its make and artistry.

Why Choose Traditional Sculptures

There is a vast choice in the types of sculptures you can own. Traditional sculptures, however, are a popular choice because they have a history connected to them. Cupid is not only a figure, but an ancient symbol of love. There are stories connected to cupid, which lend it a unique value. The greatest advantage of traditional bespoke sculptures is that they relate stories and myths of olden times. They connect us to a culture.

A well-crafted traditional sculpture standing in the center of a hall holds a particular significance for the beholder. It is not only a well-made piece of art, but a symbol of a culture, of a time gone by. It is a powerful mark of our ancestry. AARNE recognises the importance of history in this art form, and makes every effort to incorporate the magnificence and value of what the sculpture signifies. Our sculptors create brilliant imitations of historical figures, religious scenes and cultural symbols that have existed in history or in our stories.

How We Create Your Traditional Sculpture

As we said previously, we use both human talent and modern technology to get the finest results. Whether you want us to create ‘the last supper’ or an angel, we first design the sculpture or art piece digitally so that corrections can be made in the early stages of development. We work on your specifications and get the digital model reviewed by you to ensure that it meets your every requirement.

After your approval of the design, we procure the material to be used. Some of the materials you may choose for your sculpture include marble, granite and metal. Our 5-axis CNC machine then cuts the material into a perfect shape you want for your sculpture. After the basic shape of the sculpture is prepared, our talented sculptors use their talent to turn your sculpture into a luxurious, premium piece of art.

By using the advantages technology provides and the irreplaceable human talent, we create traditional bespoke sculptures that are exquisite in their make and craftsmanship. Our sculptures and art pieces are premium, expensive pieces with a greater return – the perfection of a fine piece of art.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.