Marble Fireplaces

Marble lends an elegant and luxurious appearance to your home. A marble fireplace made of high quality marble looks majestic and classy even when it is simple in design. AARNE’s marble fireplaces are of premium quality, customised to your every specification. They have the exquisite look of a fine piece of craftsmanship while having a strong structure owing to the quality of the marble. Our beautiful, durable, hand-crafted bespoke marble fireplaces display quality and finesse that make your room look luxurious and beautiful.

Advantages of Marble Fireplaces

One of the biggest challenges is to clean a fireplace. A marble fireplace is easy to clean, as soot does not penetrateinto the marble due to its high density. Some of the other benefits of a marble fireplace include:

  • It is versatile, and perfect for giving a modern look or a traditional look.
  • It is low-maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Marble fireplaces give a classy, elegant look to your interiors.
  • Marble comes in a variety of colours with its unique design.

Depending upon the particular look you want to give to the room, a marble fireplace can be made to look traditional or modern. It can have carvings or a plain surface; it can stretch to include mantelpiece or stay low and wide; it can have storage space. Along with the bespoke appearance, a marble fireplace is also durable, making it a popular choice fora getting a sophisticated, classylook that stays fresh for years.

Designs and Colours

A marble fireplace can have a variety of designs, both modern and traditional. A large, plain, polished exteriorgives a modern, minimalistic look while having carvings on the marblegive a more traditional appearance. Marble tiles and panels are also used to provide a different look. The thickness and size also affect the overall look.

As the appearance of the fireplace must complement other element of the room, depending upon the lookyou want to give to your room, you may choose from white, gray, blue-gray, pink, blue-black or yellow marble.

When creating the preliminary design of your marble fireplace, you may consider extending the fireplace to create storage space for the firewood, or add spaces for decoration.The sky is the limit when you’re designing your marble fireplace.

Bespoke Marble Fireplaces

You can achieve the exact look you want in your marble fireplace by using and adjusting elements including:

  • Carved/plain and polished look
  • Plain marble/ marble with veins
  • Extending the fireplace to include a mantelpiece or depressions
  • Extending the base to include decoration
  • Creating storage space

There are a variety of ways in which you can customise your fireplace. Based on your preferences, we design your fireplace exactly as you want, incorporating every feature that you wish to add to it. Our bespoke marble fireplaces are premium hand-crafted pieces made from highest quality marble, exquisite in their beauty and luxurious in their appearance.

Quality Marble

An important consideration when getting a marble fireplace made is the quality of the marble. Low-quality marble not only looks cheap, but also has a short life. Conversely, high-quality marble is durable and has a classy look to it. Made in Italy, our marble is sourced from Carrara, a city in Italy famous for its marblearound the world.The marble of Carrara has been used since ancient Roman times due to its high quality, and is still widely used for making sculptures, art pieces and more.

Our marble fireplaces havethe finesse of quality because of the material and the process we use for creating them.Highly durable and majestic in their appearance, these fireplaces are the center of attraction in any room. Give a luxurious, classy look to your room; get a quality marble fireplace today.

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