Marble Dining Tables

A marble dining table made from high quality marble lends a luxurious look to your dining area. It is a premium, durable piece of furniture, perfect for giving that classic look to your interiors. AARNE achieves that look by using high quality marble. The marble we source is made in Italy, coming from Carrara, an Italian city famous world over for its white and blue-gray marble.

Types of Marble Dining Tables

A classic piece of furniture, a marble dining table comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can give a traditional or a modern look to your dining room by choosing a dining table of an appropriate size, shape and design. Here are a few types of marble dining tables that you may consider when making a choice.

  • Perfect rectangular
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangular with curved edges
  • Square
  • Long rectangular
  • Customised

It is important to note here that variations in the thickness of the top, and the shape and design of the legs of the table contribute to altering the look of the table.

Quality of Material and Make

The two factors that impact the quality of a marble dining table is the material used, and how well it is cut and polished. AARNE uses premium quality marble sourced from Carrara, Italy. Carrara is famous for its high quality marble around the world, used for creating sculptures and art pieces since ancient roman times. The quality of this marble not only adds beauty to the final design, but also makes it more durable.

After the initial step of procuring the material, we use our 5-axis CNC machine to cut the material to perfection. A 5-axis is among the most sophisticated machines for cutting and milling today, and provides a lovely polish to the material. Doing justice to the premium quality marble, it gives a flawless shape and polish to it.

Depending upon the customisations you want done on your table,our artistswork on it by hand to give you the specific look you want. The toughest of designs have been completed with perfection by our talented craftsmen, creating immaculate pieces of finest furniture with their skill and hard work.

Bespoke Marble Dining Tables

AARNE provides the finest marble dining tables, customised to your every specification. A premium bespoke dining table speaks of your finetaste, and is a unique piece owned by you. Our clients share their ideas about the design and structure of their table, allowing us to create a table that has all the features they desire. A bespoke dining table designed to your exact specification is special because it has taken shape from your imagination.

Beauty & Elegance

A marble dining table has a classic beauty that cannot be replicated with other materials. It gives a fine polish, and looks stunning in any shape, thickness and size. It has a timeless charm that makes it a popular choice for those looking for a premium, luxurious appearance.These tables are low-maintenance and durable, making your investment worthwhile. Marble is expensive, but provides you witha luxurious feel while being durable and low-maintenance. You get a full return in the beauty and elegance of your exquisitely stunning marble table every day for years and years.

AARNE offers you the best of premium bespoke marble dining tables, made from highest quality marble, rich in craftsmanship and finish. Whatever your specifications, you can be confident of seeing your designs materialise in an exquisite marble dining table, beautiful and unique.Marble, a classic material used since ancient times, it still remains highly popular and much valued. For a bespoke marble dining table, choose the best of material and finish, choose AARNE.

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