Our Materials – Marble

Marble is widely used around the world for its beauty and durability. The timeless beauty of a well-crafted piece of marble sculpture or art piece is unmatched. Though white marble is a common choice for sculptures and statues, there is a wide variety of colours and textures of marble to choose from. AARNE takes pride in it’s marble sculptures. We use high-end quality marble, made in Italy, sourced from Carrara. The Italian city is famous for its high quality marble. Our efforts have always been to provide highest quality bespoke sculptures. Our marble, granite and metals are of premium quality, often sourced from overseas.

Uses of Marble Sculptures in Decoration & Interiors

Bespoke Marble Sculpture CommissionA highly prized material, the beauty of marble has lead to its extensive use in sculptures, art pieces and construction. For decoration and home interiors, marble is widely used in making marble sculptures, pieces of art, fireplaces, dining tables and more. Marble comes in a variety of colours with unique patterns, therefore it lends a unique luxurious look to residential or commercial interiors.

Having bespoke marble sculptures of an angel in your garden or owning an exquisite piece of marble bath enhances the quality of your living through constant exposure to beauty. A bespoke sculpture, perfect in its make is beauty personified. We look to achieve that in every piece of bespoke sculpture or art piece we create.


We source our marble from Carrara, the city famous for its white and blue-gray marble. Carrara marble is widely used in creating sculpture and art pieces because of its high quality. Used since the time of ancient Rome, this marble was used in the making of the Pantheon and other notable buildings in ancient Rome. Today, it is widely used in sculptures, furniture, decoration and construction. The quality of the marble we use makes your premium sculpture, art piece or furniture look grand and luxurious.

Colours and Types

Marble comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Depending upon the region, the marble obtained has different features. For example, the marble found in Germany is perfectly white and is often used in flooring to get a plush look.

Here are some types of marble you may consider for your bespoke marble sculpture and interiors:

• Carrara marble, made in Italy (white)
• Dalati marble, Ethiopia (gray and white)
• Makrana marble, India (white)
• Green marble of Sweden (green)
• Wunsiedel marble, Germany (white)
• Numidian marble, Algeria (yellow)

Marble is never out of fashion. Although the designs made from it has transformed over centuries. Marble is still widely preferred for its beauty and durability.

Traditional or Modern Look

Bespoke Marble SculpturesMarble is versatile. It can give you a stylish modern look, or alternatively a traditional look depending upon how you shape it. Hand crafted carvings on marble usually lend a traditional look. On the other hand a smooth fine polish on a big plain marble surface gives marble a modern minimalistic look. Depending upon the kind of ambience you want to create, you may choose the shape and design of your sculpture, statue or interiors.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its sturdiness, marble has been used to construct entire buildings. High quality marble remains unaffected by harsh environments. This gives it a fresh suave look to old structures. Additionally, it is low-maintenance and can easily be cleaned. In comparison to other materials, marble is more durable and gives a luxurious look.

Due to the superiority of marble over other materials, it is used world over in residential, commercial and public places. For marble for your bespoke sculpture, art or interiors, choose AARNE. For high quality marble designed perfectly.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.