Our Materials – Gold

Bespoke Gold SculpturesThe use of gold began so far back in history that there is no archeological evidence to determine its antiquity. Just like in ancient times, today also gold is considered a highly valuable metal because of its rarity and beauty. Due to its high economic value and useful qualities, it is widely used in jewellery, dentistry, investment, electronics, aerospace, medals, and so on. AARNE are a leading creator of bespoke gold sculptures, art & interiors. We use premium quality gold to create stunning sculptures of pure beauty.

Types of Gold

Though gold in its purest form is yellowish golden, the amount of other metals mixed in it alters its appearance. For instance, to obtain white colour in white gold, other metals such as nickel, manganese etc. are mixed in gold. That makes the yellow dissolve to give the metal a whitish colour.

Depending upon which metals gold is mixed with, you get colours, including white gold, rose gold, green gold, black gold, purple gold, and blue gold. Each of these has different percentages of gold and other metals mixed together to form a unique kind of gold.

Purity of Gold

Gold in its purest form is a malleable material of yellowish golden colour. It is resistant to most acids and retains its original form and colour for years without any maintenance. The beauty of gold lies in its bright golden colour, and the shine that comes to the material after polishing and finishing. A gold sculpture or statue speaks of the priceless beauty lend to it by the magnificence of the most valuable metal today.

Our consistent focus on quality makes us focus on the excellence of the material used for the sculpture and the process of creating it. We use the purest form of gold, procured from trusted sources to create a premium, high-end bespoke gold sculpture, unmatched in its beauty.

Bespoke Gold Sculptures

We create each piece of art according to the specifications of our client. Depending upon what kind of a sculpture you want, we create its digital design so that any irregularities are removed prior to the physical designing. After you approve of the digital design, we proceed to creating a customised mould of the sculpture. Our talented sculptors with years of experience in creating bespoke sculptures, work on your gold sculpture meticulously to turn it into a marvelous piece of pure magnificence.

Why Gold?

Gold holds value for us because it is a rare metal. That value projects onto the gold sculpture, increasing its worth in our eyes. Gold is not just another metal; it is a highly precious metal, used extensively in expensive jewellery and works of art. If you want to lend your sculpture a high value, gold can be the preferred choice.

Usually, figures of Gods, saints and revered figures are created in gold because of their high value to us. Many modern art figures are also made in gold because of the exquisite beauty and worth of gold.

High Value, Low Maintenance

Gold as a metal is extremely easy to maintain. If the gold is of high quality, it doesn’t require any maintenance at all. To remove dirt and dust, you may simply soak the sculpture in lukewarm water and scrub it gently with mild soap. That will bring back the perfect shine on your gold sculpture.

A gold sculpture reveals richness that is difficult to duplicate with other materials. Gold is classy and expensive, the best material for creating precious sculptures and pieces of art. For a hand-crafted premium gold sculpture that is owned just by you, choose AARNE’s bespoke gold sculptures.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.