3D Printing

3D printing has come a long way since its inception in 1976 when the first inkjet printer was invented. Today, we are successfully able to use materials to print three-dimensional 3D printed objects, including sculptures. In 3D printing, layers of the material are added on top of one another to create a physical sculpture. Materials such as bronze, titanium, gold, silver, plastic, resin etc. can be used or combined to create stunning sculptures.
3D Printing Sculpture

Types of 3D Printed Sculptures

Many different kinds of sculptures, including traditional sculptures, modern/contemporary sculptures, abstract sculptures, and corporate and public art sculptures can be created through 3D printing. Advanced 3D printers can now create larger than life sculptures. Replicas of ancient sculptures can also be made with 3D printing. Statues and art pieces for decorating the interiors of residential and commercial spaces are also not beyond the scope of 3D printing.

Bronze 3D Sculptures – 3D printing has made it possible to create big and small bronze 3D printed sculptures that have the perfection of a sculpture made with traditional methods. Though it takes longer to create larger pieces of art, the result is nothing less than exceptional.

Aluminum 3D Sculptures – Though bronze is the most common material used in making sculptures, aluminum is a valuable medium used for creating impressive sculptures. Aluminum 3D printed sculptures made with 3D printing can have intricate design and be as large as needed. Usually, modern art is created with this medium, as its natural gray colour and toughness is more conducive for that kind of art.

Gold and Silver 3D Sculptures – As advanced 3D printers can work with a combination of materials, sculptures made from gold and silver can also be created with 3D printing. Smaller sculptures made entirely of gold or silver, or larger sculptures made with a combination of materials is now possible in 3D printing.

3D printing is not limited to sculptures; it can also be used to create unique art pieces for home and office decoration. Moulds are also being created through 3D printing. The possibilities that 3D printing has provided us with, has tremendously increased our ability to create unusual artwork with novel designs and shapes.

Creating Bronze Sculptures with 3D Printing

3D Printed Sculpture
Due to its brilliant golden color and durability, bronze is widely used to create beautiful sculptures. By combining digital modeling, 3D printing and traditional casting, remarkable bronze sculptures are being created.

The process begins by creating a digital model of the sculpture using digital modeling tools. After finalising the digital model, its 3D printout is taken. The lost wax process is then used to create the bronze sculpture. Lastly, metal chasing and polishing are done to give the sculpture its details, a smooth finish and brilliant shine. Similar to the traditional casting, bronze sculptures made with 3D printing retain their details and intricacies.

AARNE uses digital sculpting to create bespoke metal sculptures that match, if not exceed, the beauty and excellence of traditionally made sculptures. Digital sculpting allows us to make changes/corrections on the sculpture before it takes a physical shape so that a flawless sculpture can be obtained. It also allows us the freedom to customise perfectly, taking into account every detail you want in your sculpture.

With rapid advancement in technology, now larger than life metal sculptures are possible with 3D printing and 3D printed sculptures. They are impressive not only because of their beauty, but also because of how they were created. AARNE offers bespoke digital sculptures that match our promise of excellence in quality and craftsmanship. We invite you to discuss your needs with us and allow us to create for you a sculpture that you’ll be pride to own.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at info@aarne.co.uk and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.