Our Materials – Resin & Fibreglass Sculptures

Bespoke Fibreglass SculpturesResin and fibreglass are relatively new materials. They are used to create sculptures. They provide greater flexibility to the artist to add details to the sculpture, thereby making the sculpture look more life-like. Their strength, durability and light-weightiness, also contribute to make resin and fibreglass sculptures popular.

Resin is a solid or highly gluey substance. It is extracted either from plant or is of synthetic origin. There are mainly three types of resins namely epoxy, vinylester and polyester resins. Resin is often mixed with fibreglass, carbon fibre, or aramid to create a strong and durable material, for casting. As for fibreglass, it is made from the threads of glass. Since fibreglass can be poured as a liquid and is very strong, it is widely used for creating sculptures.

How Resin and Fibreglass Sculptures are Created

Through there are varied processes that artists may use to create resin or fibreglass sculptures, the following process is an effective way to create life-like resin and fibreglass sculptures of any size.

The process begins with making a clay figure of the object. Precise measurements of the object are required to accurately duplicate it. In case of a person, the presence of the person while creating the clay model, or having his/her photographs taken from different angles is needed.

Fibreglass Statue ManufacturerAfter the clay model is complete, three to four layers of plaster and fibre are applied to it, to create a mould. Liquid wax is then poured into the mould. Once the wax has cooled down, the mould is then broken. Any minute details that are to be present in the sculpture are now added. The model is then covered in layers of silicone rubber. Once that dries, layers of plaster and fibre are applied. After the plaster has set, the mould is filled with layers of resin and fibreglass. That creates a hollow sculpture, as fibreglass and resin sticks together.

Lastly, texture and colour is added to the sculpture. If it’s the sculpture of a person, resin or glass eyes are created, and placed in the eye sockets and hair is added.

Advantages of Resin & Fibreglass Sculptures

Fibreglass is a very strong and durable material. Moreover, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to move fibreglass sculptures from one place to another. Even large fibreglass sculptures can be moved, without the help of a crane.

Resin, like fibreglass, weighs less than sculptures made from other common materials. Therefore, it is less expensive to ship. Resin is a strong material and can withstand outdoor weather conditions such as rain and sun. The sturdiness, flexibility and light-weightiness, make resin and fibreglass sculptures a popular choice of both artists, and patrons of art. Polyoptic resins also offer you the choice of duplicating glass, and translucent figures. Unique glass-like sculptures, it can be created from polyoptic resins usually through vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques.

Bespoke Resin SculptureSome of the famous fibreglass sculptures that you will find in the U.K. include The Barbican Muse by Matthew Spender, The Headlington Shark by John Buckley and Superlambanana by Taro Chiezo. Artists are now able to create hyper-realistic sculptures using fiberglass, silicone and resin.


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