Marble Baths

Marble bathtubs retain their original beauty and finish for years, and integrate well with any kind of surrounding, modern or traditional. Marble baths come in a variety of sizes, shapes and depths. AARNE offers you bespoke premium marble baths, customised to your preferences. You receive quality custom-made marble bath,created for you.

Types of Marble Baths

A bathtub is designed to give you maximum comfort while providing you with every feature you need for a luxurious bath. The shapes marble baths come in include:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Custom-shaped

After choosing the shape of your bath, you may choose to have designs on its outer surface. As creators of bespoke sculptures, statues and home interiors,we fashionhighly customised baths with specific shape, size, depth and design. Each of our baths is a unique piece, designed according to the specification of the client. You may create your own design and we will duplicate it in a real marble bath, exquisite in its beauty and finesse.

High Quality Marble

AARNE prides itself in providing premium quality bespoke sculptures, art & interiors. The marble we use is made in Italy, sourced from Carrara, the Italian city famous around the world for its white and blue-gray marble. This high-quality marble gives a premium, luxurious look to your bath, and gives it unmatched strength and durability.

Perfect Finish

Especially in baths with plain surfaces, it is the polished finish on the marblethat differentiates a premium bath from a cheap one. Our marble baths are not only made from premium marble, but also have a perfect finish on plain surfaces, curves and edges that gives them a luxurious look.

Bespoke Marble Baths

There is a wide variety of readymade bathtubs available in the market, but owning a piece that is created just for you is a luxury. A prominent benefit of getting a bespoke bath is that it will have every feature designed according to your comfort and taste. You may choose how exactly your bath will look, how big it should be and how deep you want it to be.That ensures you get maximum comfortwhile enjoying the unique beauty of your bespoke bath.

We invite you to give us specifications of how you want your bath to be. It includes the size, shape and design of the bath. There is no limitation on what size and shape you choose to get made. Depending upon your needs, you may choose a deep round bath, a shallow rectangular bath, a huge oval bath for two, or any other kind you want.Whichever designyou choose for your bath, we will turn it into a real,premium piece, exquisite in its beauty and luxurious in its look and feel.

Your Perfect, Bespoke Bath

After you provide us with specifications about size, shape and/or artwork, we create a digital design of your bath to remove any irregularities. After you review the design, we use our 5-axis CNC machine to give the material the perfect shape. The use of technology helps us to cut the marble perfectly, and give it asmooth, polished shine. Any artwork done on the baths is hand-crafted by our artists, providing an unmatched uniqueness and beauty to your bath.

As creators of premium bespoke sculptures, and art & interiors, the focus of AARNE has been on quality. Be it the quality of the material, the make, or the art, we offer nothing below the best. These are luxurious, expensive pieces of art that give a stately feel to your surroundings, adding the unrivalled charm of perfection to your bath space

If you have any questions or queries, or if you are interested in getting a sculpture manufactured. Please contact us using the contact form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Or alternatively please email us at and we will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible.