Best Sculpture Parks in the UK

10 Best Sculpture Parks in the U.K.

Walking amidst nature, you spot a sculpture peeping from behind a bush. You stop for a while to adore it and move on. That is the quiet wonder of a sculpture park that is not only relaxing, but also exciting and educational. Soak in the sun on a winter day while being surprised by the unique beauty of a diverse range of contemporary sculptures. Here are 10 best sculpture parks you’ll find in the U.K.

1.The Sculpture Park, Farnham

Housing more than 800 sculptures by over 150 renowned sculptors, The Sculpture Park is a worthy destination for art lovers. In ten acres of land are arboretum and wildlife, water gardens anda wide variety of sculptures. The pathway that takes you to the sculptures meanders through heathland and woodland in the rolling valley of Surrey Hills. The perfection of the place is completeby its three lakes and two natural springs.

Almost every sculpture here is for sale. The park also runs exhibitions where top sculptors from across the world showcase and sell their artwork. If you wish, you can take a virtual tour of The Sculpture Park on their website before visiting.


2.Broomhill Sculpture Garden, Muddiford

Surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodland, the Broomhill Sculpture Garden is spread across 10 acres and houses 300 sculptures by 60 sculptors. Walking on winding paths amidst nature, you will find stunning art, beautiful flowers and a trout lake.

Created by Rinus and Aniet van de Sande in 1997, the garden is being worked on continuously, making it more conducive for wildlife and flowering plants. The ten sculptures of the finalists of this year’s National Sculpture Prize competition have found their places at Broomhill. The natural beauty of Broomhill Sculpture Garden and the highest art by man has made this place truly magical.


3.Another Place, Crosby Beach

A spectacular exhibition of art on a beach can be seen at the Crosby Beach, five miles north of Liverpool. Another Place has 100 life-size figures in cast-iron that spread across the beach for as far as three kilometres and one kilometer towards the sea. This colossal extravaganza of art amidst nature is the result of an artist’s imagination. Sir Antony Gormley used his own naked body to cast the iron men, all standing upright and looking towards the sea. Each figure is approximately 6.2 feet tall and weighs 650 kg. Previously exhibited across locations in Europe, now it is permanently installed at the Crosby Beach, Liverpool. The sea here is not suitable for bathing and the beach has areas of soft sand and mud. Therefore, visitors are advised by the authorities to stay safe.


4.Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, Gloucestershire

Situated at Coleford, The Forest of Dean takes you on a trail of about 3.5 miles where you see a collection of contemporary sculptures, both permanent and temporary. Currently, there are 17 sculptures on the trail. The 11 sculptures previously adorning the trail either returned to the forest floor or were decommissioned due to safety reasons.

The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail was established in 1986. Today, it attracts over 300,000 visitors a year. Being maintained on donation, new artworks are commissioned at the forest from time to time. A calming combination of nature and high quality art makes this nature and art trail worth more than a single visit.

5.Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The ten seated figures is not the only stunning example of high artat the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP). The park houses a stunning collection of unique sculptures and 18th century monuments, including a chapel and a deer shelter. Spread in an area of 500-acre, this land was formally considered a wasteland.

YSP is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations, major indoor and open-air exhibitions, and numerous special events are being held at the park. Leading sculptor, Tony Cragg’s new sculptures, drawings and art works will be displayed, and demonstration of the artist’s pioneering and continued mastery of materials will take place in the Underground Gallery and open air till September 3, 2017.

6.Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh

Created by Robert and Nicky Wilson, Jupiter Artland has a collection of artworks by 20 artists. From a stone house, a web, weeping girls, and more wood,metal and stone sculptures, there is no dearth of great art here. When you enter, you are met with the magnificent view of a landscape of eight contoured hills surrounding four lakes.Further along, you see otherexamples of finest contemporary art that stirs your imagination.

Set in a picturesque 80-acre woodland owned by the Wilsons, ten miles from Edinburgh, Jupiter Artland was opened in 2009. Displaying U.K.’s finest contemporary sculptures, it also offers extensive education programmes to students where they learn the creative process that starts from commissioning to installing a new art piece.

7.New Art Centre, Salisbury

Located in Wiltshire, New Art Centre is a private sculpture park just outside of Salisbury. In an area of over 20 acres are more than 100 works by contemporary sculptors. Across open fields, under the trees and amidst the shrubs, you will find awe-inspiring sculptures made from a wide variety of materials.

Over the past 17 years, a number of artists have displayed their works here, including Antony Gormley, William Turnbull, Anthony Caro, Barbara Hepworth and Richard Deacon. Walking past the beautiful gardens, you reach a large field where you view Barry Flangan’s Acrobats and otherextraordinary works by top artists. All works here are for sale.

8.Kielder Water and Forest Park, Northumberland

Spread across 250 square miles, the Kielder Water and Forest Park has around 22 sculptures along the 27-mile forest trail that meets a lake. A fun-filled place for kids and grownups, the Kielder Keepsake(the name for the sculpture walk) takes you to a variety of sculptures, including Belvedere, Skyspace by James Turrell, and Mirage in which silver discs hang from a tree.

9.Burghley House and Gardens, Lincolnshire

Burghley House is a grand Elizabethan house built in 1587. The new Historical Garden of Surprises, however, came much later in 2007, designed over the former garden. It is in this garden that various sculptures and water features are to be found. From Caesar’s bust, mirrored maze to water basins and terrific sculptures, the garden has it all. Hidden from the outside, the garden reveals its surprises when you enter it. The house itself is rich in history and has a wide collection of fine art. Picnics can be held at The Sculpture Garden.

10.The Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park, Surrey

The park has as many as 180 sculptures, including Speed Skaters by Michael Marriott andRolling Horse by Lucy Kinsella.To provide the perfect setting to the sculptures is a varied landscape and a lake. Life-size elephant sculpturesfurther add to beauty and excitement of the place. If you like walking, the longest walk is about a mile and a half, which can easily take about two hours to complete. There are shorter routes as well for those who do not wish to walk much. The Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park is a perfect weekend getaway for couples, families and friends.

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